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Individual Assessment & Therapy Sessions

Does your child have a hearing loss and you want some specialist support?Speech Therapy

Our team of Speech and Language Therapists, Auditory Verbal Therapists and Teachers of the Deaf offer individual sessions.

We support children to:

  • Use hearing to learn about the world
  • Communicate wants and needs
  • Learn to talk with a Cochlear Implant or Hearing Aid
  • Speak clearly
  • Put sentences together, and learn new words
  • Use complex grammar in talking and writing
  • Have skills to make friends

From birth to 18, we have it covered!

Initial Assessment

90 minutes.  We'll gather all the information we can and spend time talking to you about how things are and your hopes for the future.  This session will include paper or play based assessment and we'll use the information to come up with a plan.

£120.00 (includes a one page summary of the assessment and plan, a full report is available at an additional cost)

Individual Therapy SessionsSLT

60 minutes.  Most families attend once a month.  They get lots of new ideas and time to put them in action.  Sessions are fun and interactive, they take place at a table, in the playroom or kitchen, even in the garden. We make it as "real life" as possible so you go home with the knowledge that language development is in everything that you do.

£85.00 a session

For more information or to book a session please contact Rachel or call 0115 942 1985.