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The Nottingham Early Assessment Package is used for assessing the progress of young deaf children in the short and long-term. This new package has been updated to include materials on DVD including a NEAP database. It covers: Communication and language development, Auditory perception, Speech production.

The package consists of:

  • A Booklet containing descriptions of the assessment package, group & individual data and references
  • CD of assessments, containing descriptions, demo videos and printouts of guidelines
  • Booklet and training DVD for TAIT video analysis
  • CD of translations of the guidelines and printouts into a number of languages
  • Access database for use with the assessments

The package enables you to monitor young deaf children before and after Cochlear Implantation: What happens in every-day life?

You can view a 10 minute online tutorial labeled assessment but a big part of this is looking at and explaining NEAP 2:

We now have NEAP available in Italian only as a seperate package and costs.


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