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Music Time


Music Time is a really important time in a deaf child's week, not only in terms of their musical development, but also in terms of communication and social development of any child - and deaf children are no exception. 

This resource is for those working with deaf children at the preschool stage. It provides teachers of the deaf, pre-school leaders, music teachers and parents with a range of instrumental and musical ideas to supplement nursery rhymes and action songs.

Each of the songs demonstrate a different area, and present different musical objectives, but the main key feature of all the songs is their flexibility and the need for them to be adapted to your situation.

We hope the DVD and booklet will inspire you to develop your music sessions with deaf children and help you generate new ideas.

The Music Time DVD is PAL European version and may not work on older DVD players in other countries.

Produced in collaboration between Mary Hare School, The Ear Foundation and Advanced Bionics SARL and directed by Christine Rocca.


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