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Complex NEAP Package


The Complex NEAP package is an assessment package for deaf children with complex needs which provides assessments, checklists and profiles to enable professionals and parents to assess and monitor the progress of deaf children with complex needs, in the areas of: 

  • Communication and Language 
  • Listening 
  • Speech 

Complex NEAP is based on the Nottingham Early Assessment Package (NEAP) and includes tools to facilitate the development of skilled observation in this special population. 

What is included: 

The following downloadable documents:

  • Introduction and background to complex NEAP 
  • How to use Complex NEAP 
  • Background information form: A starting point

Communication Measures: 

  • Adaption guidelines: Pragmatics Profile for everyday communication skills (PPECS) (PS)
  • Adaption guidelines: Tait video analysis 
  • Making a good video 
  • Affective communication assessment (ACA) 
  • Parent Rating Scale for complex NEAP 

Listening Measures: 

  • Behavioural Observation of Hearing Assessment (BOHA) 
  • Adaption guidelines: Infant Listening skills assessments (iLIP) 
  • Adaption guidelines: Categories of Auditory Performance (CAP) 
  • Infant meaningful auditory integration scales (IT-MAIS)

Speech Measures: 

  • Speech Intelligibility Rating 
  • Adaption guidelines: Profile of Actual Speech Skills (PASS) 


'This is an essential purchase for any Teacher of the Deaf working with children who fall into the complex category. It will lead to improved monitoring of a child's progress in both the long and short term which can only benefit the individual' Corinda M. Carnelley, Peripatetic Teacher of the Deaf, London Borough of Croydon

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