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Deaf Teenagers Resource


Deaf Teenagers is a package of resources for professionals and families about deaf teenagers who use today's hearing technologies. 

This DVD covers a wide range of topics important to young deaf people and essential to the professionals working with them. 

It is packed with up to date information, useful strategies, resources and apps. 

Included in the package is a downloadable, pdf version of the following resources...

  • Teenagers with Cochlear Implants Book 
  • Anger Management Programme 
  • Personal Understanding of Deafness

'All three resources will be useful for professionals working with deaf teenagers. They all address themes that are important to adolescents and provide strategies and resources that will save ToDs hours of preparation..provide consistency in approach and open up discussion with families, colleagues and - of course - the young people themselves' Stevie Mayhook, Education Consultant, Ewing Foundation

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