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Deafblindness & Cochlear Implantation 2


This booklet is for parents of congenitally deafblind children who have been given one or two cochlear implants and the professionals working with them.

Deafblindness is a distinct disability.  Deafblindness is a combined vision and hearing disability.  The introduction of cochlear implants has dramatically changed the outlook for children and adults with deafblindness.  Deafblindness is a very heterogenous group of disorders, ranging from congenital deafblindess with additional dysfunctions, to acquired restrictions of vision and hearing.

It follows the booklet "Deafblindness and Cochlear Implantation" 


  • Alexandra Wheeler
  • Nicola Brotherdale
  • Bev Mars
  • Patricia Gibbons
  • Sue Archbold

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