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Environmental Description


Environmental Description is a book written by Riita Lahtinen (Researcher, Teaching Consultant), Russ Palmer (Music Therapist, Visiting Lecturer) and Merja Lahtinen (Special Teacher of the Visually Impaired). 'Environmental Description' enables sensory impaired people to perceive spontaneous qualitative information in real time, through everyday life experiences.

This type of received information can support a person's own actions and decision-making processes. Environmental Description provides focused sensations and experiences which encourage the visually impaired person to participate more fully and deeply in their environment.

This handbook analyses how we can describe the environment. It presents different methods and techniques which can be developed and applied to each individual user's perspective, ranging from life activites to artistic interpretations. It focuses both on the describer's and the receiver's perspectives; giving practical examples with additional exercises for professionals who work with visually and dual sensory impaired people. It includes ideas for getting started, and practical tips for the basis of various categories of descriptions.

The book also includes comments and experiences of describing the environment in real-life situations from different individuals. Environmental Description can be applied to the needs of a wide range of visually and dual sensory impaired people of various ages, their family members and friends. It provides a basic educational study book for professionals wishing to supplement their knowledge of how to apply different techniques including audio description for museums and art exhibitions. 


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