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Adults (26+ years)

Please find below links to studies involving adults, their families/partners and professionals working with them. Research at The Ear Foundation is conducted mainly around the views and experiences of families, users of technology and professionals; these are highlighted below. Other studies include educational, language and communication outcomes.  

All populations

For more information and resources on hearing aids, please click here.

Cochlear implants

For more information and resources on cochlear implants, please click here

Bimodal technology

Bone conducting hearing implants

For more information and resources on bone conducting hearing implants, please click here.

Assistive listening devices (ALD's) - FM/RM systems, wireless systems and other assistive hearing technology

For more information and resources on assistive listening devices, please click here.

To try different assistive listening devices and additional equipment, please click hereFor other adult hearing services, please click here.

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To become involved in our Research, please visit this page. 

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