Lyndsey Allen

Director of Services

17 years ago I volunteered with a youth club for Deaf teenagers who used BSL to communicate, at that time I knew nothing about hearing technology and the way it could transform lives.  Inspired by the teenagers to leave my geography degree, I became a Speech and Language Therapist, specialising in hearing loss.  The children I’ve supported have communicated in all manner of ways, using sign, speech and even pictures to get their thoughts across.  Knowing that language is a way of expressing thinking has been my greatest lesson, and parents my greatest teachers.

Cochlear Implantation for children is now routine, but perhaps not always, is giving the right support to families and helping children learn to listen: that’s why I was so excited to join The Ear Foundation team, and continue to develop the training and services on offer to users of hearing technology, and professionals who support them.  I’ve brought with me years of experience in community, and 6 more at a children’s cochlear implant programme.  Now certified as an LSLS Auditory Verbal Therapist I have specialist knowledge in developing spoken language through listening.

My move to Nottingham and the last two and half years have flown by, as Co-ordinator of the Education Programme; I’ve really enjoyed developing new courses and building relationships with professionals and parents.  I continue to see a few families through my practice The Auditory Verbal Lounge and am forever grateful to them for allowing me to use filmed clips to train others.

Telephone0115 9421985