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Closure of The Ear Foundation: FAQs

Why are you closing?

Over recent times like many other charities, The Ear Foundation has faced financial challenges; rising costs and overheads, increased competition for charitable grants and cuts to training budgets in health and education.

With financial and legal advice, staff and trustees worked hard to address these issues, making changes to staffing, services, increasing grant applications and selling the residential building, Marjorie Sherman House. Unfortunately, this did not solve the problem and we are now in the process of selling our remaining asset, the main Ear Foundation building.

Why don’t you just sell the building and continue as The Ear Foundation?

We have worked closely with legal and financial experts to resolve our issues responsibly and ethically. The decision to cease trading now in a positive and solvent manner, means that the charity can leave a financial legacy. Trustees will make the final decision about how this money is used; please be assured that it will be for similar charitable purposes as The Ear Foundation.

What will happen to the money from the sale of the building?

The Ear Foundation will close on 6th March and will move into voluntary liquidation. When this process is complete, the trustees of The Ear Foundation will make a decision about how to use any remaining funds. Please be assured that this financial legacy will only go to organisations or work that have similar charitable purposes to The Ear Foundation. 

Why are you telling us about closing so late?

We are genuinely sorry not to have given people more notice, particularly when this means that we may not get chance to say goodbye or tell people in person. However, as you can imagine we have needed to be cautious during negotiations, particularly while selling our building.

What are you doing with the funds we have donated recently?

Our services are continuing through February; however if you have donated funds this year and would like us to return them, please contact

What is happening with the 100 club?

We will make the final draw for the 100 Club later this month. All supporters of the 100 Club have been advised to cancel their standing order. All other regular donors have also been notified.


Where do I go for advice on my CI?

Please contact your local CI team for specific advice.

Where do I go for education training for my team?

The new charity will continue to offer education and training events.

We are in the process of setting up the new website for Hear Together, but in the meantime we will post updates and information on the existing Ear Foundation website

If you have a request for training, please email

Can I still access information on your website?

Yes. We are in the process of setting up the new website for Hear Together, but the existing Ear Foundation website will remain operational for the time being.

Can I still purchase items from your website?

No. The shop will be back up and running in due course. Please check the website.

What is happening to the Ear Foundation team?  

The whole team would like to let you know how sad they all are about the closure of The Ear Foundation. We have worked really hard to make changes, but unfortunately the financial challenges were too great.

The Ear Foundation is a very special place that has made a difference to many people and we are proud of all that it has achieved in its 30 years.

We know that there is still a need for bringing people together to support each other to live well with hearing loss. So for this reason, some of the team are setting up a new charity called Hear Together, which will continue the legacy.

How can I help?

The most important thing you can do is to let us stay in touch with you about the new charity, Hear Together. That way we can let you know when some services will resume and you can have your say about the future direction of this new venture.

Please register your details on the website or send an email giving your consent to

Feb 21, 2020

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