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Hundreds more people to benefit from cochlear implants

The Ear Foundation is excited to let you know that many more adults and children will benefit from cochlear implants in the future thanks to today’s published changes to NICE guidance!

The Cochlear Implant Action Group led by Professor Brian Lamb and funded by The Ear Foundation, is a group of key stakeholders from across clinical practice, research, voluntary and patient groups. This group has worked tirelessly to persuade NICE to review their guidance and to provide the evidence to support the recommendations.

The changes include updated definitions of severe to profound deafness and criteria for assessing the benefit people get from their hearing aids. This means that people who previously were ineligible for cochlear implants may now be considered suitable candidates.

As a result of the changes, by 2024/25 NICE estimates that there may be 890 additional people having cochlear implants each year.

Professor Brian Lamb who works closely with The Ear Foundation and led the CI Action group commented

"This is great news for adults and children who have not been able to access this life changing technology. It also makes sense for the NHS to invest in better hearing care this dramatically improves lives and saves the NHS money. It is also a testament to the way patients groups and professional organisations have worked together to bring about this change."  

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Mar 7, 2019

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