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Spend2Save 2nd Edition Updated

Spend to Save

Hearing loss is one of the most challenging health and social issues facing Europe and there is increasing evidence of the economic impact of hearing loss to society.

Not only does unaddressed hearing loss cost the global economy $750 billion annually (WHO,2016a), but there are significant risks to individual’s health and well-being, for example, those with severe hearing loss are at five times the risk of developing dementia as those with normal hearing (Lin & Ferrucci, 2012) as well as being at greater risk of social isolation and more likely to experience depression than those without hearing loss (Shield, 2018; Mathews 2013).

Hearing aids and cochlear implants are well-established, evidence-based interventions which provide significant benefit to communication and quality of life and reduce the risk of costs incurred from health problems such as dementia, depression and mental health issues, falls and social isolation.

Spend2Save is a successful campaign to raise awareness of the societal costs of hearing loss and advocate for the long-term cost saving benefits of managing hearing loss. This report has now been translated into15 European languages.

Investing in hearing technology improves lives and saves society money.

You can download the latest summary report by clicking on the link here: Spend to Save.pdf


Nov 23, 2018

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