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Early Intervention Conference: Getting it right 0 – 5 years

Children with hearing loss and their families deserve the best support and intervention. We believe that this is achieved when everyone who are part of the team collaborate effectively and efficiently’

Our vision was to develop a world class learning and sharing opportunity and we achieved it. This past weekend saw the culmination of a lot of hard work and passion. 41 speakers and 180+ delegates from 20 different countries including the UK, Europe, Asia, the US, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina gathered at the Wellcome Collection, London, to learn and be inspired about what makes for the best support for children with hearing loss and their families in the development of global skills, but specifically on the development of listening and spoken language skills.

Topics covered included surgical and technology advances, family centred practice, communication and language development, social- emotional development, intervention ideas and many more. We were inspired by the keynote presentations to be constantly looking at what is best practice and how to ensure we include this in our daily practice. Every presentation and workshop provided opportunities to learn about new ideas, confirm what we are doing and to engage with others in conversations which expanded our thinking and raised expectations for the children and families we serve.

Another highlight were the six children and teenagers, with hearing loss, who performed the critical role of ‘Masters of Ceremony’ and capably introduced the keynotes and welcomed people to London. They were a constant reminder of why we work in the field and what is possible – that there are no limits for people with hearing loss when they receive intervention and support that allows them to reach their potential.

There was a great buzz around the conference with people leaving refreshed and inspired, returning to their different workplaces whether it be a hospital, a clinic, a school or the family home enthused to include new knowledge in their work. The growth in collaboration was evident on many levels with all the various organisations working together to bring this event to a wonderful conclusion.

A special thanks goes out to the AG Bell, AVUK, DELTA, The Elizabeth Foundation, Ewing Foundation, Mary Hare, CICs Group for all working so hard and contributing to this great event. It is true ‘Together We Make A Difference'.

Presentations and handouts available to download:

Christie Yoshinago-Itano familyreflections.pdf

C Y-I Guidance on using the Parent Events Scale.pdf

C Y-I Parenting Events.pdf

Jane Peters Targeted Interventions in Parent Support Groups -Maths as a Driver for Planning PDF.pdf

Jane Peters - Chatty Monkeys Termly Planning Grid example and Blank Grid .pdf

Anne Langli.pdf

Yogita Baviskar.pdf

Louise Ashton Parent Journey Additional Needs handouts.pdf

Tricia Cope Handout 2 (2).pdf

Sue Lewis Meaning matters.pdf

Karin Schamroth and Neema Salema smiLE therapy for 4-5 year olds - TEF conference 20.10.17.pdf

Louise Ashton From soft-toys to fantasy Handout.pdf

Katrin Kral London2017_Endversion.pdf

Louise Ashton From soft-toys to fantasy presentation handout.pdf

Donna Sperandio Autism HLoss EF.pdf

Leo De Raeve, incidental language learning, impact binaural hearing and EF, short.pdf

Elizabeth T Workshop Clark TOM in Day to Day Therapy.pdf

Julie Hughes Are you going my way.pdf

Josephine Marriage AGBpresentation17v2jm.pdf

Jayne Jones Prof dev - OCT CONFERENCE.pdf

Elizabeth T - Keynote for EI conference London no video.pdf

Caroline Murphy useful documents and websites pdf.pdf

Caroline Murphy Examples of outcomes final pdf.pdf

Caroline Murphy Top tips final pdf.pdf

Caroline Murphy Flying Start Presentation final version.pdf

Dave Gordey Preparing Preschool Age Children for Classroom Relationships.pdf

Amy McConkey Robbins workshop handout.pdf

Cherilee Rutherford Booklet My world guide_VECA_13.10.2017_for print.pdf

Madell Are Chldren Hearing What They Need To Hear FINAL2 HANDOUT2.pptx.pdf






Nov 1, 2017

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