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Hearing Assessment service:

Detailed Hearing Assessments with our Audiologist are also available at a cost of £20.  

Hearing Aid service:

The Ear Foundation offers:

· Time to talk through your hearing challenges

· Impartial advice

· A wide range of hearing aids

· Flexible appointment times and follow up sessions to ensure you are getting the most from your new aids

· Access to a range of other equipment around scenarios such as help with the telephone, listening to television and listening in noise

· Access to a varied support programme with focussed advice and information in relaxed groups or  individually

· Advice around access to other devices such as cochlear implants or bone-conducting hearing implants where hearing aids are not enough



"I have been using the Ear Foundation for the supply and service of my hearing Aids for some 12 months now and have only experienced excellent service. I have been given sound advice and my aids are tuned to my hearing. Any issues have been quickly resolved. It is comforting to know that if any problems arise they will be promptly and efficiently dealt with."


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