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Sound Space

Sound Space is The Ear Foundation's purpose-built modern facility that meets the needs of all users under one roof.

Builiding work started on the 28th July 2014 and was completed on the 23rd February 2015.

Below is a selection of photos of our new facilities: (L-R Our new Conference Room Facilities, Group Workshop in the Resource Area, Our Sound Treated Hearing Technologies Room, Our Hearing Technologies Suite)...

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The new building gives us..

  • Two sound-treated rehabilitation rooms for adults & children therapy to accommodate our growing clinical services. With state of the art equipment and resources to dedicate valuable time to ensure deaf children, their parents and adults are better able to manage their complicated technology and develop their listening and communciation skills.
  • A 'Hearing Technology Suite' with all the latest assisted listening devices for people to try in appropiate accommodation.
  • A 'Family Group therapy room' custom built for deaf children, families and adult groups so that they can build their communication skills in a family friendly environment.
  • An 'Information lab' equipped for people to access all the latest information and technology in a comfortable friendly space
  • A custom built 'Learning Centre' for professionals and families where they can learn about how to manage the latest technologies.
  • A quiet meeting room to enable us and our partners to work together for better outcomes for all deaf people.
  • A research room for our growing family led research programme.


In 2012 we had this artist impression video made....not far of the final version!