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Young Adults

The Family Programme introduced a NEW group during 2017 for young adults with a hearing loss aged between 18 and 25 years old.young adults

Often this age group are left to defend for themselves during college, university and work placements, and have no social groups to attend, where they can continue to interact with other young adults with a hearing loss, and where they can get advice on how they can reach their full potential after they finish school.  So we decided to set up a group to cater for this need.

We ran our first Leadership Training Weekend for the young adults during 2017, and it was a huge success and has led to the young adults being involved in our Family Programme, by becoming volunteers at our family programme events for all aged children with a hearing loss.  They have become great role models for the children they work with! So we have decided to run the training programme again:

Leadership Training Weekend

Venue:      Haggs Farm Outdoor Education Centre, Snake Road, Bamford, Derbyshire, S33 0BJ

Date:         Friday 13 July to Sunday 15 July 2018

Cost:         TBC

A leadership training course for young adults with a hearing loss, who want to develop their leadership skills, grow in confidence and use sessions to understand and develop their own strengths. 

An exciting opportunity to develop your potential, join mentored practical team working opportunities and grow your leadership skills.  It will look good on your CV!


The leadership training course will consist of 4 components:

  1. Completion of pre-course questionnaires
  2. 2.5 days residential based training at Haggs Farm Outdoor Education Centre
  3. 10 hours mentored pratcial leadership experiences
  4. Written, film or interview based assignment post course

Accredited course by The Ear Foundation professional courses accreditation.

For those who attended this training in 2017, we have organised another weekend full of fun activities and further training:

Experienced Young Leaders Weekend

Venue:       The Ear Foundation's Marjorie Sherman House (onsite accommodation) 83 Sherwin Road, Lenton, Nottingham, NG7 2FB

Date:          Friday 9 February to Sunday 11 February 2018

Cost:          TBC

Following on from the Leadership training weekend you attended in July 2017, we will be providing you with further training to excel your leaderships skills, as well as a day of outdoor team challenges.  A great weekend full of opportunities and a great way to build onto your leadership skills.

For further information please call 0115 942 1985 or email Rachel