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Teenz: 11-16 year olds

Venue:       Most of the sessions take place at The Ear Foundation, but we do venture out sometimes, so please check the venue address before attending.teenz

Who For:   Teenagers with a hearing loss, aged between 11 and 18 years old, who wear their hearing technology.

Cost:          £10 voluntary contribution

The terrific teen years are a huge amount of fun at The Ear Foundation.  Usually meeting on Saturdays, but also some evenings.  It is all about being social, to stay in contact with old friends and to make new friends.  The social learning curriculum for the teens is developed to empower and build up young people, an opportunity to learn about themselves and each other.  Over the course of the programme they grow in their personal qualities alongside skilled leaders and professionals who love to spend time with them doing lots of exciting, inspiring, fun and sometimes daunting things together.

Sometimes terrific teens can turn to terrible teens and at these times young people need to know they have friends who are similar to them as well as leaders and volunteers who encourage, build up and support them.  Families are fantastic but this is an age where they benefit from others joining them in their journey as they step timidly, boldly and sometimes tumultuously towards adulthood.  The Ear Foundation is a family and young people enjoy being a part of multiple communities where they can feel good about themselves.

And then theres the residentials...

The Ear Foundation run a few residentials which continue to follow the social learning curriculum.  We have an Outdoor Challenge Week in Derbyshire and an activity week for cochlear implant users.  These are both in the summer and for young people aged 11-17.  They are life changing, friendship making, person creating weeks full of fun and learning.  We are all exhausted by the end of the week but the young people always want more!

To reserve a place or for further information about the Teens groups please call/ text us on 07852 358 369 or you can email Rachel

2019 Dates

Saturday 9 November: Sports Leadership Training Level 1 and Social Activities (At The Ear Foundation)

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