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Our office is open Monday to Friday 9am - 4.30pm : 81 Sherwin Road, Lenton, Nottingham, NG7 2FB

Ready Steady Go: 2-5 year olds

Venue:         The Ear Foundation, 81 Sherwin Road, Lenton, Nottm, NG7 2FBRSG

Time:           10:00am till 12:30pm

Who For:     Pre-schoolers with a hearing loss, aged between 2 & 5 and their siblings

As your child becomes more mobile and adventurous "Ready Steady Go" activities provide a place for your child and your family to develop friendships and skills in lots of different areas.  These sessions include activities where your child develops independence, social skills and confidence engaging with new people, communication and language skills, imagination and thinking skills, early literacy and many more.  Parents have the opportunity to learn more about ways to support your child during this time of rapid growth and change up the transition to school.  Come along and enjoy lots of fun with your child at one of the many activity days.

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2019 Dates

Saturday 16 November: Where I live

Saturday 7 December: Christmas Party 

To reserve a place for any of the Ready Steady Go sessions, please contact Rachel, or you can call/ text us on 07852 358 369.

Recommended Resources for your pre-schooler

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Chatting and Singing

Fun with Faces


















Family Programme on the Road

We are offering group sessions for parents who have a baby or pre-schooler with a hearing loss, around the UK who are unable to attend our RSG Carsessions in Nottingham.  If you feel that you would benefit from having our team come to you to do a group session with other local families...then why not book 'The Family Programme Hits the Road'

Please contact Kate or call 0115 942 1985