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smiLE Therapy: Day 2 training


June 8, 2018

Time09.30 to 16.00
Duration1 day
VenueThe Ear Foundation, Nottingham, UK
TicketsStandard Ticket : £100.00

Day two: 8th June

Please note, to attend day two you must have completed day one training. If you would like to book to attend day one training on 7th June, please visit:

smiLE Therapy actively teaches social skills & functional communication skills to  make students as independent as they can be, by teaching them to communicate in real situations. Suitable for students who have communication needs due to Deafness, Learning Difficulties, Autism, Physical Disability, and Developmental Language Disorder, for children from age 7 to students at college and adults. It builds social skills within the small learning group. Core elements include before & after therapy video of a real task, self-evaluation, role play techniques for visual and immediate learning. Generalisation is built into the therapy to ensure transfer of skills and maximum impact, with a staff and parent/carer workshop essential parts of each module. Evidence based practice using before/after therapy clear quantitative outcomes. Outcomes are shared with students, parents/carers, management, heads, commissioners, OFSTED. Ideal for EHCPs (Education & Health Care Plans). 

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Suitable for Teachers, SLTs, SENCOs, Specialist Teaching Assistants, Occupational Therapists, who have completed Day 1 training 

Course Tutor Karin Schamroth, Specialist SLT & author of smiLE Therapy: Functional Communication and Social Skills for Deaf Students and Students with Special Needs (Routledge, 2015)


“I loved the structure & outcome measures - really important in today’s commissioning world. So really useful to be able to demonstrate this so easily” Andrea, SLT

“My lightbulb moment was seeing the confidence in pupils, even those with severe difficulties.” Lana, Specialist Teacher

“Excellent therapy that empowers students and gives great results for quantitative data & EHCPs” Lisa, Specialist Support, ASD

 “It’s all about functional communication and children achieving really positive outcomes. Bridges the gap between education settings, family and the real world”  Naomi, SLT



  • breakdown a given task (buying in a shop) into its component skills which can then be taught
  • develop independent active learning in your students through active listening
  • teach clarification strategies to use when students do not understand
  • teach communication for good teamwork in your student group
  • effectively run a parent workshop and a staff workshop to share before & after video evidence, outcome measures and ensure that skills are generalised beyond school
  • produce good quality video
  • problem solve from real case studies
  • share transparent outcomes with others such as heads, managers, OFSTED


  • confidently trial smiLE Therapy in your workplace
  • empower your students/clients, their educators and their families
  • teach skills for life

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