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Using Home Routines to Develop Language: Leave the bag of toys in the car!


May 10, 2018

Time10.00 to 16.00
Duration1 day
VenueThe Ear Foundation, Nottingham, UK
TicketsStandard Professional : £90.00
Second registration : £10.00

When parents believe they have what it takes, when they feel competent and confident – they make a difference.

Scenario A

I’m a parent, my child’s struggling to develop language so the professional arrives at my home with a bag of toys to show me what to do. I need a professional (as I’m not competent) and my home doesn’t have what it needs (so the professional brings toys).

Scenario B

I’m a parent. The professional and I plan what we’re going to do and they coach me through daily activities in my home environment. My feelings of competence and confidence grow.

Join us as we explore how to make scenario B (more often) a reality. Homes are rich in naturally occurring experiences that stimulate adult-child conversations without the need for shop-bought toys. Including videos build your confidence to support spoken language development using daily routines, photographs and books, and playtime without ‘toys’.


About it’s creators Lyndsey Allen & Kate Dixon

We’ve worked in the field of early intervention for many years working with families in different settings, cultures and countries. Through all these experiences, we’ve confirmed that it’s parents who make the difference in the outcomes for their children, and as professionals we strive to provide support, encouragement and strategies building confident and competent parents and families.

Kate Dixon

I’m an Australian Teacher of the Deaf with specialism in Early Intervention. I’ve been fortunate to work worked for many years with families and young children in Australia, the USA and the UK. Early intervention with families of young children with hearing loss is such a critical time period, one which I am always learning more from engagement with professionals but especially from working with families.

Lyndsey Allen

I’ve had some great teachers over the years, but my greatest lessons have always come from parents. I’m a speech and language therapist and Cert. Auditory Verbal Therapist and for almost a decade now, I’ve been encouraging professionals to leave their toys in car. Let’s show parents they have all the resources they need, in their very own home.


Learning outcomes

·         Identify the advantages to families when working with the resources families have in their homes

·         Recognise coaching techniques that make a difference

·         Generate ideas for activities that don’t require shop-bought toys

·         Analyse everyday activities into micro-steps, understand process leads to communication and language development


Hear what others have to say

“After the course, I’m going to try and change how I approach sessions, even the initial assessment. We need to think as a department how we introduce ourselves to parents and then go on to carry out sessions, be less ‘expert’ more collaborator” Kirsty, SLT Great Yarmouth

“Will I do anything differently? Start fresh! Be brave to make changes and empower families more effectively” Anne Belfqih TOD Northamptonshire

“Love the concept of making the intervention real life and functional!” Sally-Anne SLT new graduate 

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