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For Parents - Glue Ear: Minimal Hearing Loss Can Have Major Impact


November 3, 2017

Time10.00 to 16.00
Duration1 day
VenueThe Ear Foundation, Nottingham, UK
TicketsParent : £10.00



Did you know? 1 in 5 children around the age of 2 will be affected by glue ear at any given time, and about 8 in every 10 children will have had glue ear at least once by the time they're 10 years old.


What is Glue ear? Glue ear can be, but not always, linked with ear infections. For ears to hear the middle ear needs to be kept full of air. This air travels through the eustachian tube which runs from the middle ear to the back of the throat. In your child this tube is not as vertical and wide as it will be when they get older and as a result doesn’t work as well.


With fluid blocking the middle ear, it becomes harder for sound to pass through to the inner ear. (how we hear) It can be like listening to the world under water.


What to look out for? You will notice changes in behaviour, your child becoming tired and frustrated, lack of concentration, preferring to play alone and not responding when called may indicate glue ear.


If this blockage remains in the ear, this reduced hearing can affect the way in which a child’s speech develops. Children with glue ear may have the tendency to behind at school work and become disruptive if their condition is not resolved. .


Signs of glue ear

  • young children might pull at their ear lobe
  • older children might complain of pain in or around their ear
  • Look out for signs your child isn’t hearing well. Do they mis-hear what you say? Ask ‘what’ more than usual? Turn up the volume on the tv? If you have any concerns, ask the GP to refer for a hearing test.


Impact of Glue ear for your child

Because of the cause of hearing loss impacts on your child’s speech and language skills, which maybe subtle but significant. It might interfere with confidence, social skills or performance at school. For a few children it can even result in permanent hearing loss.

It can have even greater impact for children with downs syndrome and other challenges that affect learning.


Want to learn more on how to help your child

Joined by experts in the field looking at how to manage children with Glue Ear. Along with current research, we’ll learn from families personal experiences including those of children with developmental challenges and permanent hearing loss. Walk away with practical tips and resources and confidence to support your child with glue ear.


The programme is available to download here Programme.pdf


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