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smiLE Therapy: Stage 1 training


November 17, 2017

Time09.30 to 16.00
Duration1 day
VenueThe Ear Foundation, Nottingham, UK
TicketsStandard Professional : £100.00


Course suitable for

·         Teachers and Speech & Language Therapists working with pupils with CI or hearing aids in mainstream, resource base and deaf school settings at primary, secondary and post-16 provisions.

·         Specialist teaches & SLTs working with school-aged pupils and adults with complex needs.

Course Tutor: Karin Schamroth, Specialist Speech and Language Therapist & author of smiLE Therapy: Functional Communication and Social Skills for Deaf Students and Students with Special Needs

Course Description:  

smiLE Therapy (strategies & measurable interaction in Live English) explicitly teaches the communication and social skills that support students to become confident young adults. This innovative therapy takes real everyday situations eg. going to the shop, asking in the school office, requesting at a train station, meeting a supervisor at work experience, and breaks down the communication and social skills needed into small manageable steps that can be practiced and learned. These are carefully designed to meet the specific needs of each student. Before and after therapy videos provide clear outcome measures for each module. Generalisation and transfer of skills around school/college and into the community is built into the therapy, with parent and staff workshops being an integral part of each module. This way the impact of the therapy can be far-reaching and skills learned for life.

Learning objectives:

·         Understand the importance of teaching actively and in a structured way, functional communication and social skills for life, with clear before and after therapy outcome measures

·         Know the principles of steps one to ten of every smiLE Therapy module

·         Know how to choose which module is appropriate for your pupils

·         Develop practical techniques to support pupils to self-evaluate from their before and after therapy video of a real communication task

·         Recognise the principles of facilitating independent thinking and engage pupils actively in problem solving during guided role play

·         Understand how to establish generalisation of skills together with pupils, school staff and parent/carers

·         Formulate a plan for implementing one smiLE Therapy module in your workplace

Further web information:

smiLE Therapy: Functional Communication and Social Skills for Deaf Students and Students with Special Needs, Schamroth, K. with Lawlor, E. (Oct 2015), Speechmark Publishing

See for reviews

Follow this link for sample Introduction and Part 1 of the book

What others say:

“At last a course that actually is so practical and real!”  Claire, SLT, Worcester

“Fully inspiring – love how the children learn for their whole future. Thank you!” Elizabeth, Teaching Assistant, Macclesfield

“Absolutely excellent. Practical ideas taught through video and really practising the skills and processes by a practitioner who does this work. I will definitely put this into practice. Fantastic ideas! Amazing!” Phyllis, TOD, Nottinghamshire

“This is a way of making real life everyday skills genuinely accessible to the pupils themselves who need to know, learn about and use them. Seeing the pupils’ development and confidence, giving parents their children back and their parenting role back.” Beverley, Specialist Teaching Assistant, Birmingham

 “Excellent. Very practical and if used properly could really help children become confident in their everyday lives. Watching the before and after videos showed the progress made in smiLE Therapy- the confidence this gave to the children. Thank you for sharing this great therapy.” Dawn, Education Sensory Team, Wigan.

“Going through the 10 steps of the process lays out clearly what the process involves. Shows how pupils can develop their communication and language skills in everyday settings. Very good, clear and concise session. This can be used for all our pupils to improve their everyday communication and independence skills.”                           Ian, SENCO, Birmingham

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