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INTENSIVE TRAINING WEEK: Early Intervention: Develop Listening and Spoken Language


May 13, 2019

Time09.30 to 16.00
Duration4 days
VenueThe Isobel Centre, Linden Lodge School, London, SW19 6JB
TicketsStandard Professional : £500.00

Want an opportunity to develop your skills and knowledge in working with young children and families in early intervention?

This intensive week enables you to plan sessions with greater impact - work on combined listening, language and thinking skills.

You’ll join us in London for 4 consecutive days of learning with an additional 10 hours provided through distance learning activities. 30 AG Bell CEUs


Over the four days we will:

  • explore the skills and competencies we need to have for working with families of young children.
  • focus on coaching and collaboration to develop positive family engagement, empowering parents to develop goals and support their deaf child’s development.
  • learn why and how children learn to talk using current technology
  • identify key techniques and strategies to develop listening and spoken language skills.
  • identify goals for language development from parents own observations and move on from 'model and handover' to more sophisticated tools for coaching and collaborating.
  • understand speech acoustics and how to apply the knowledge diagnostically to different case studies)

Day 1

Why and how do children learn to talk using hearing technology? Using filmed examples, we’ll explore the principles of AVT and how they can be applied through natural interactions. Identify key techniques and strategies for developing listening and spoken language. Recognise the importance of language and activities in Piaget’s zone of proximal development. 

Day 2

Understand how speech sounds are made in the mouth, how this relates to the acoustics of speech and what this has to do with an audiogram.   Relate this knowledge to the Ling 6 sound test and contrast ways of using it with children. The practical emphasis of the day will be on applying this knowledge diagnostically to different case studies. 

Day 3

How do you engage families and support them to use techniques and strategies?  Using filmed examples of sessions, we’ll analyse and recognise effective practice. Learn to identify goals for language development from parents own observations and move on from ‘model and handover’ to more sophisticated tools for coaching and collaborating.  Enable parents to feel empowered rather than de-skilled.

Day 4

Putting it all together. A day to reflect on your learning, participate in guided session planning, develop resources so you leave with a practical plan. Develop and build appropriate goals, strategies and ideas for working with the children and families you support. 

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