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Professionals learning to listen Part 1: Counselling, coaching and collaborating


June 8, 2018

Time10.00 to 16.00
Duration1 day
VenueUniversity of Southampton Auditory Implant Service, Southampton, UK
TicketsStandard Professional : £90.00
Second registration : £10.00

Part 1 of our programme of Counselling workshops

Deafness impacts families emotionally. It is often chronic and ongoing. As professionals we are tasked with supporting others to make life changes, such as wearing hearing technology or providing a language rich environment. To be effective in our work - we must recognise the emotional impact in others. As David Luterman's work shows: people often know the solution but need time and space to think. They can then take ownership and make true change. Are you skilled in counselling, coaching and collaborating to help others make life changes? This course will help you recognise the emotional ice-berg, when there is more behind a comment than it first seems and make you aware of the power of deep listening and reflecting.

Learning outcomes:

  • Recognise the emotional impact of hearing loss on individuals and families
  • Practise deep listening and reflecting to enable others to make life changes
  • Know how to create an environment that enables us to look below the 'surface'
  • Identify challenges and solutions in your workplace such as culture and time

Suitable for:

This course is suitable for all professionals who work in the field of hearing loss

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