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Teens Deaf Awareness Peer Resource

The Peer awareness presentation- available from The Ear Foundation.


Why do you need this presentation?

Part of a deaf pupil’s positive experience of school comes from the knowledge and understanding their peers have about:

·   What hearing loss is?

·   What it is like living with a hearing loss?

·   How a hearing loss impacts a person?

·   What technology is available?

·   What can be done to support someone who is deaf and ensure communication is effective?


As professionals, whether  teachers of deaf and speech therapists or SENCO’s having access to ready to use resources to run peer awareness sessions is important. The aim of developing this resource was to make it:

·   Accessible

·   Adaptable


What does the presentation include?

This resource has been developed to promote peer awareness with hearing pupils in secondary schools. It can however be adapted to extend its use to deliver training to a range of audiences.


The resource itself contains:

1.A  powerpoint presentation, with notes attached to slides, as appropriate, to support delivery. These notes are only a guide, feel free to amend and add to this presentation. We would ask you to please give credit to those involved in developing this resource.

2.    Incorporated into the presentation are slides, audio and video materials. The content covers a range of topics which can be used to promote deaf awareness. The video films of young people talking are the messages they wanted to relay to their hearing peers. A lot of the content would be helpful to share with teachers and teaching assistants working with young deaf people.


How can I download and use the presentation?

Go to the Drop Box (you will need a drop box account) link click here - Extract all of the sound clips, video clips and the powerpoint presentation onto your computer. 

Once you have downloaded the presentation it will then run as a normal power point presentation. You will need to have it in presentation mode, the notes pages are full of instruction on how to use and present individual slides and activites. 

Throughout the presentation you will find hyperlinks to click onto which will take you to YouTube clips. There are embedded video clips, click on the photo to play. Finally there are audio files to click on and play.

PLEASE be aware that some of the video clips may need to be re-embedded into the presentation once you have downloaded them. However you do have the option of playing them separately from the power point presentation. 


We hope you find this resource useful and please contact us at The Ear Foundation should you have any suggestions or comments:

Please also be aware of our other online modules and downloadable resources, free for you to access on the following link:

There is also technical support, resources and information about cochlear implants and deafness on this website called Sounding Board:


With thanks to the following organisations for their input into the making of this resource. Also a special thanks to the teenagers who shared their insights.

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