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Support Worker Certificate Programmes

Our Support Worker Certificate Programme's are split into 3 age groups:

  • Supporting children with hearing loss in the early years
  • Supporting children with hearing loss at primary school (5-11)
  • Supporting children with hearing loss at secondary school (11-18)

Who is this course for?

These courses have been developed for those supporting children with hearing loss alongside their main teacher. It will provide content relevant to someone new to the position as well as extend understanding of those who have been in the role for longer.

What’s Involved?

Delegates will attend two, one day workshops and complete four units independently at home between the two face to face workshops—6 units in total. Each delegate will be required to

· Complete a reflective journal entry for each unit

· Read selected reading as part of each unit

· Watch selected video’s and narrated powerpoints as part of the remote units

· Complete practical tasks for each unit to be submitted for marking.

· Complete a final task comprising of a practical task and a written response to the training program to be submitted for marking.

What are the benefits?

Delegates gaining the certificate will:

· Learn about the latest hearing technologies, their benefits and limitations

· Identify listening challenges and take action to manage the acoustic environment

· Explain to others specific barriers for listening and understanding

· Apply knowledge of communication development to their daily work in the early years classroom.

· Adapt support methods in different learning situations

· Have knowledge of useful resources to support learning activities

· Understand the role of observation to monitor progress 

What it does not do:

This course is an addition not an alternative to NVQ qualifications for Teaching Assistants. Support workers receiving this certificate should not replace the support of a qualified Teacher of the Deaf.

How long does it take?

In total the workshops and remote units are spread over a three month period.  On successful completion of the remote units , workshops attended and assignments submitted and marked the delegate will be awarded  ‘Certificate for Supporting Children with Hearing Loss’


The courses run between September and December each year, however we can also run training for groups and services. If you are interested in attending, or would like more information on training for your service, please contact 0115 942 1985