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Deaf Awareness Training

Deaf Awareness Training


With 1 in 6 people in the UK having some level of hearing loss, deaf awareness training is crucial for any group or organisation. Often an unseen disability, hearing loss impacts communication and access to life. 

Why is important that I or my peers are deaf aware?

Being deaf aware is being able to understand and recognise the challenge of deafness, and knowing the right skills to be able to communicate better with someone who has a hearing loss.

What are the benefits to my business of becoming deaf aware?

Deaf awareness training increases employee/group interaction, confidence and teaches organisations and teams how to communicate better with colleagues, customers and service users who have a hearing loss. Improved deaf awareness and communication can protect you and or your peers against discrimination in the workplace and wider society.

How do I make my organisation/group deaf aware?

The Ear Foundation offer Deaf Awareness workshops (1 hr taster or half day workshop) that covers the main principles of deaf awareness including:

  • strategies for communication
  • managing the environment
  • current hearing technologies.

Course options;

  • One hour taster (£250 plus travel expenses)
  • Half day workshop (£300 plus travel expenses)

Why choose The Ear Foundation? The Ear Foundation has nearly 30 years’ experience supporting individuals with hearing loss to access the latest technology alongside a highly professional clinical team.

If your business has specialist needs or requirements, contact Adult Services Co Ordinator: or call: (0115) 9421 985 


“I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and found it very useful.”

“Really good in raising awareness for things which may be taken for granted.”

“Very eye-opening session.”