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Education Programme

Welcome to The Ear Foundation's education programme for professionals and parents


'Take a day out and visit the Ear Foundation. It's such a welcoming, professional and yet friendly centre, full of inspiring, generous spirits who work tirelessly to support those with hearing loss. Training at this modern, cutting edge think tank will leave you with the confidence you need to make a difference' Laura Gapski

Be inspired – learn, develop, and impact your practice with The Ear Foundation.  We’re a team of expert clinical and educational practitioners who provide relevant training on the latest topics. We focus on promoting language, social and emotional development in all children, with a special emphasis on managing hearing loss. We also provide training for professionals supporting adults with hearing loss.

We offer scheduled training events; courses run at your venue tailored to your needs; a consultancy service for service reviews and a range of online training. 

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Education Courses 

We run a range of specialist training courses which you can access either by visiting us here at The Ear Foundation or attending one of our International conferences. See our upcoming events here

We offer whole service and regional training group training. Download our portfolio here 2019 portfolio.pdf

Or click the links below for our course descriptions:

Early Intervention

Early intervention is critical for best outcomes for families and children with hearing loss. This suite of courses provides research based information to hone your skills in providing family centred care for those in the earliest years

Imaginative Play.pdf

Positive Parenting and your deaf child.pdf

Let me tell you! Narrative Skills.pdf

Using home routines to develop language.pdf

Joining the dots: Social competence and hearing loss

A suite of courses about the skills we need to thrive socially and academically, including emotional wellbeing and social thinking. 

Joining the dots - Social Competency.pdf

Autobiographical memory.pdf

Working with children with hearing loss

If you are new to the field of hearing loss or need a refresher, these are “back to basics” courses. They have an overview of the impact of hearing loss, hands on with the range of hearing technologies and what good support looks like.

Working with children with hearing loss in the early years.pdf

Language and literacy

What are the building blocks for becoming a fluent reader and writer?  From a firm early foundation of language and vocabulary learning to using books for encouraging theory of mind, book on one of courses to learn more.

Counselling, coaching and collaborating

Family and patient centred care are at the heart of these courses. From audiologists to teachers of the deaf learn the practical skills for becoming a coach and collaborator and active listener

Counselling, coaching and collaborating - Professionals learning to listen.pdf

Counselling, coaching and collaborating - Working with families of children with additional needs.pdf

Support worker certificate: Supporting children with hearing loss

With most children learning in mainstream classrooms it is important to ensure the most appropriate supports are in place to ensure full access. The Support worker courses provide a comprehensive learning opportunity for those people working to support deaf students or for mainstream teachers who want a clearer understanding of how to provide the best access

Support Worker Certificate .pdf

More information can also be found here

Special Interest

These subject specific courses will be held on request and include a range of topics from understanding the application of speech acoustics, assessment packages like NEAP as well as working with children with specific conditions

Speech Acoustics.pdf

Deaf Awareness

Workshops (1hr or half day) that cover the main principles of deaf awareness, including strategies for communication, managing the environment and current hearing technologies

Deaf Awareness.pdf

More information can also be found here


Our online learning modules are a great way to up date your learning at low cost. Easily accessible, they consist of subtitled presentations from internationally-renowed speakers, reflective tasks and further reading.

Sounding Board 

Our service for busy professionals working to help children and young people with cochlear implants succeed or for anyone else interested.

For initial enquiries, further information or booking advice, please contact our Education Programme Organiser, Susanna, on / 0115 942 1985 

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