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Working with young deaf children with complex and additional needs

December 2, 2014

Working with young deaf children with complex and additional needs

Join our group of international speakers, leaders in their fields, for a series of innovative seminars without having to leave your home or office. This flexible programme  of online sessions will consider indepth issues around the assessment, the audiological management and ongoing support for young deaf children with complex needs. It will include presentations on the latest research and information about resources for assessing and supporting complex children and their families in this technological era. There will be opportunities to ask questions and access these online resources at your own pace, in your own time.


Speakers' Topics, Biographies & Abstracts

Introduction by Diana Harbor.pdf:

  • A short introduction to the conference by Diana Harbor

Suzanne Harrigan.pdf:

  • The Ear Foundation’s work with complex children

Teresa Ching.pdf:

  • All disabilities are note created equal: outcomes of children with hearing loss and different types of additional disabilities

Gill Datta_Karen Durbin.pdff:

  • Deaf children with complex learning needs. The challenges of assessment, decision making and outcome measurement within a cochlear implant programme

Jo Franklin.pdf:

  • Working with families –  whose dreams have had to change
  • Touch that child...why we need to regain the tactile in our teaching

Michelle Thompson.pdf

  • Life with a little girl, who has complex needs - our journey so far

Maree Rennie.pdf

  • Creating positive outcomes for hearing impaired children with complex needs

Claes Moller.pdf:

  • Children with deafblindness: the most common causes

Chris Cartwright.pdf:

  • Multi-Sensory Impaired, Profound Learning Disabilities and Severe Brain Injury:  Working with the most difficult client groups; a personal Audiologist’s experience

Sue Archbold.pdf

  • Cochlear implant centres and their experiences with complex children

Diana Harbor.pdf:

  • An introduction to Complex NEAP, an assessment package for deaf children with complex and additional needs. 


There are three ticket prices available: 

  • one for parents - £20 
  • one for is for individuals - £40
  • a ticket price for groups - £75

As we have many people who use these events for group training. We rely on your honesty regarding whether you purchase a group or individual ticket! 

  • Please note that if you buy a group price ticket you will still only receive one unique password.

It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you make a payment for this event online by Mastercard or Visa Credit or Debit card to ensure fast registration, and receive AUTOMATED access to your unique password to log in to the event and forums. 


To test your system and to download any software which you will need to view our virtual conference please download the following document:

General requirements for Phonak iLearn events 2013.doc


Presentations can be viewed between December 2, 2014 and December 31, 2015

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