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Sound Advice Adult Group Days

Our group days give adults, their partners, family and friends the opportunity to access information and support on a range of topics related to hearing loss. The days are  run by experienced professionals who offer friendly, helpful and up to date advice and information. Our Resource Centre is also open throughout the day for you to take a  look at and learn more about the latest in hearing technology.

If you are looking for accessible information that will offer practical solutions and advice around hearing loss come and join us at one of  our days. If you need any further reassurance in taking the first step take a look at  just some of the comments from  people who have already attended...


"Very helpful, made me feel better with regards to my future"

"Informative, relaxed atmosphere, full of positive encouragement"

"Fantastic interactive fun session, I learnt a lot"

"Found the event hugely informative, very stimulating, lovely to meet so many people with varying experiences of deafness"


NEW 2019 programme


Saturday 1st June (10am-2.30pm); Tinnitus and Hyperacusis Information Day

Are you or someone you know living with Tinnitus? Are you interested to find out more about the condition including causes, symptoms & support? Join us for day of up to the minute information with tips & strategies to help you live well with Tinnitus.


Saturday 20th July (10am-2.30pm); Your Communication Network

Involving your friends and family in your hearing loss journey and helping them to understand your experience and how best to support you in daily life. 

Saturday 28th September (10am-2.30pm); Communicating with Confidence

A session to improve your general communication with others but also learn to be empowered, assertive and self confident when relaying your hearing loss and needs to others. 


Saturday 5th October (10am-2.30pm); Auditory Processing Disorder Information Day for Adults, Families and Professionals

An information day for families, adults and professionals to learn more about Audiological Processing Disorder (APD). 

We are excited to welcome a panel of experts including Dr. Doris, Bamiou, Dr. Nicci Chapman and Dr Chrysa Spyridakou. 

Develop a deeper insight into APD including the diagnostic process, treatments and therapies. Take away and share practical tips and strategies to employ in everyday life

*Cost for this session is £25 per person, £40 per family (up to two adults) and £40 for professionals


Saturday 26th October  (10am-2.30pm); Living well with your hearing technology 

Join us to learn how to make the most of your hearing technology, whether you wear aids or an implant(s) these tips/strategies will be relevant to you. Practical sessions for you and your family/ friends to take control of your hearing by learning how to effectively manage your aftercare and increasing your confidence.


TBC (5-7pm); Travel Twilight session 

Have you shied away from travel because of your hearing loss? Learn tips and strategies from Nick who himself has a hearing loss and has travelled solo many times as a hearing aid wearer. Help build your confidence when travelling and take that trip you've been putting off. 


£6 per person including refreshments



Please check timings for individual days as there may be some variation. The cost per person is £20 which includes access to expert speakers, refreshments served throughout the day and a buffet lunch.

We strongly encourage friends and family members to attend these days too, giving you the confidence as a communication partner to best support your friend or family member with their hearing needs. 

£6 for our evening twilight sessions including tea/ coffee and expert speakers. 

We do ask that you let us know in advance if you have any dietary requirements or communication needs so we can make the necessary arrangements for each of these days: / call 0115 942 7804.


Adult Music Day