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Adult Hearing Services



Information Days
These group days give you, your partners and friends the opportunity to meet up with time to talk on a range of topics. The days are run by experienced professionals who can offer friendly help and up to date advice.
Hearing Equipment Appointments
Here at The Ear Foundation we can talk you through equipment options that are right for your individual hearing loss.
IMG_1269.JPG Hearing Equipment set up
Book an appointment to discover how to make the most of your technology as well as the time and opportunity to ask questions.
Hear2Help hearing aid maintenance clinics
Free hearing aid maintenance for NHS hearing aid users in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire.
Private hearing screening and hearing aid service
Comprehensive screening appointments and impartial private hearing aid service with our on-site Audiologist.
Social Mornings
An informal opportunity to meet and talk to others, Ear Foundation staff are also on hand if you have any questions.


Wonderful, feel really 'at home' here. Everyone is so friendly, helpful and inclusive. Thank you" 

For more information on any of the Adult Services we offer please contact Sarah Hoyle at:, call:

(0115) 9421985 or text: 07852 296613

Details on how to find us: Directions to The Ear Foundation

Cochlear Implant and Bone Anchored Hearing Implant Accessories to buy. We now offer a wide range of spares and accessories in our online shop which you can now buy direct from The Ear Foundation.



Working with our partners:

The Sound Advice Adult service is very kindly supported by our partners, Cochlear Europe, Advanced Bionics, GN Resound, Oticon Medical, Phonak.


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