Mission & Objectives

Hear, Connect & Communicate

The Ear Foundation is an independent charity supporting people of all ages to live well with hearing loss using the latest technologies. 


Our Mission

The Ear Foundation is charity helping people of all ages with hearing loss to hear, connect and communicate using the latest hearing technolgies.  
We do this through; 
  1. Providing education, training and information
  2. Organising activites for children, adults and their families
  3. Getting involved in research and advocating for access to the latest hearing technologies 
  4. Fundraising 


Our Vision

All deaf children, young people and adults have the opportunity to live well using the latest hearing technologies. 


Our Values

As an independent organisation;

  • We encourage the use of hearing technologies
  • We promote spoken language
  • We work with all ages & technologies 
  • We offer an inclusive, holistic & welcoming environment 
  • We provide person-centred care
  • We apply our knowledge to helping people use their hearing and technology in everyday life
  • We get involved in research and embed it in our practice 
  • Our staff are experiences & knowledgeable about hearing and hearing technologies 
  • We collaborate with partners across health, education, voluntary, industry and private sectors 
  • We raise awareness of hearing and technology to help more people to live well with their hearing loss