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Mission & Objectives

Mission Statement

The Ear Foundation is an independent charity that helps deaf people and their families make the best use of technology to improve hearing, communication and spoken language. We do this through:
  1. Education
  2. Family and Clinical Services
  3. Carrying out Research
  4. Advocating  for access to the latest hearing technologies

Our Vision

All deaf people have the opportunity to hear, communicate and develop spoken language using the latest technological interventions.
With our internal vision being:
The Ear Foundation is financially self sustaining, has a high profile and influence nationally and internationally.


  1. To promote research into all medical and social aspects of hearing, including deafness, and related conditions; and the publication of the useful results thereof.
  2. To promote education in the field of such conditions and in furtherance thereof to provide and publish scientific papers and other literature.
  3. To promote the benefit of persons affected by such conditions by:

                       (1) providing communication technologies for deaf children and adults where not routinely available;

                       (2) facilitating the wider and opitmal use of cochlear and other implants in appropriate cases;
                       (3) promoting family-friendly care and rehabilitation of deaf children, young people and adults;
                       (4) any other charitable means as determined by the trustees.