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About Us

We live in exciting times with greater developments in hearing technologies than ever before, transforming opportunities for deaf people - children and adults, those born deaf and those deafened. However, all too often the promise is not fulfilled, and the technology is not used to its full potential at home, school or work - and this is where The Ear Foundation comes in.

The Ear Foundation, having brought cochlear implants for children to the UK in 1989, now provides services which bridge the gap between the clinics where these exciting technologies are fitted and the local community where they are used in everyday life. We Provide:

  • Our family programme: Connect & Communicate
  • Our education programme
  • Our clinical services: Sound Advice
  • Our family and education-focussed research programme  

Our services are provided in our family friendly accommodation in Nottingham, with partners throughout the UK, and internationally, and increasingly via the web. 

Please find a video here to see what one of our adult service users has said about The Ear Foundation.