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Speech Therapy Sessions

Takes many forms and we tailor it to suit your child’s needs....Speech Therapy

  • Conversational Based Therapy: to support you in using everyday situations to develop your young child’s listening, language and speech.
  • Language Intervention: sometimes children struggle to develop language naturally and need a more systematic approach.
  • Speech Production Skills: some children have specific difficulties producing speech and need a programme designed specifically to help them.

Speech and Language Therapy is delivered by Speech and Language Therapists in partnership with you as parents. The Speech and Language Therapists have many years experience working with deaf children to help them reach their full potential.

Parents have expressed a range of concerns over their child’s speech and language development.

“How can I help my daughter learn to listen and talk when we are playing at home”

 “I’m worried my child’s speech and language is not progressing as quickly as others. What do I do?”

“My son’s struggling with his speech. Can it become clearer?”

“My son has just had a second implant – I want to make sure he really learns to use it.”

How often would we come?

Some families want a one off session to get ideas to move forward. Others want more regular Speech and Language Therapy. This can be any time interval. Often monthly visits suit families. Some want more frequent visits.  There is always time in the session to talk through ideas for you to use at home.

How do I find out more?

For further information or to book a Speech Therapy session, please contact Rachel on 0115 942 1985 or email