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Multi Disciplinary Assessments

Too often the potential of exciting technology of cochlear implants, bone conducting hearing devices and hearing aids are not realised in everyday life.Sound Advice

Here at The Ear Foundation we provide independent multi-disciplinary assessments for children with a hearing loss.  The assessments are provided by:

  • Teachers of the Deaf
  • Speech and Language Therapists
  • Educational Psychologists

We assess children with a range of technologies including cochlear implants, hearing aids and bone conducting hearing devices.

Each professional is highly experienced in working with deaf children and is up to date with the latest technologies and the latest practice.

The Teacher of the Deaf will gather information from you and work with your child.  They will look at the use of hearing technology, listening, communication, literacy skills and educational management.

The Speech and Language Therapist will look at your childs understanding and use os spoken language, vocabulary, communication and speech skills in detail.  This is often through formal assessments alongside observation and informal assessments.

The Educational Psychologist will use formal and informal assessments to look at how your child learns when language is involved and when no language is involved (non-verbal abilities).  Other aspects such as behaviour or emotional issues may be relevant to explore.

Most families request to have all three of our assessments to give a fuller picture of their child, you can book to have the assessments individually, but we can discuss this further with you.

This is what my child needs....what do I need to do now?

Your first point of contact will be with Rachel when you make that initial phone call (0115 942 1985) or you can email Rachel to find out how it all works! She will provide you with all the details that you need and arrange an assessment date for you.  There will be some forms for you to complete and you will be asked to provide us with some background information on your child, so we can deter what assessments have already been carried out on your child in the last year.  You will be sent confirmation of the appointment, and an information pack about the assessments so you know what to expect when you come to have the assessments with us.

The Assessment Day

The assessments take place at The Ear Foundation in our acoustically treated rooms.  There are usually two families in for assessments on the same day and often the children make a new friend and parents swap stories.

You will need to be here for 9am where you will meet with the assessors and run through the day.  You are encouraged to observe the assessments, it's a great opportunity and helps you make sense of the report.  At the end of the day, around 4pm, the team will give you some verbal feedback and answer any final questions.

Within a month of having the assessments you will receive a full report with recommendations for your child's needs.  You can phone or email to talk about anything in the report that may throw up other questions.

What to bring?

  • Cochlear Implants/ Hearing Aids/ Bone Conducting Hearing Implants are essential for the day (please make sure your child has whatever technology they use and that it is in good working order) our Audiologist will check your child's hearing technology on the morning of the assessments
  • Glasses if they use them either full time or just for reading
  • Some examples of their current reading book or written work can also be useful
  • It can be helpful to bring something your child feels comfortable with e.g. a favourite toy or books


There is onsite free parking that you can use all day, free of charge.

We provide refreshments throughout the day, please feel free to help yourselves to these facilities whenever you need them.  There will be frequent opportunities for breaks throughout the day.

During the day you will have time for lunch, you can bring a packed lunch with you, or there are several shops nearby where you can get some lunch which are all in walking distance.

There is a playroom in our onsite accommodation at the Marjorie Sherman House to use during break times, or during the assessments if you are bringing children with you.

The Marjorie Sherman House is our onsite accommodation, where you are more than welcome to reserve a room at if you wish to stay the night before the assessments to save you doing all the travelling on the one day, further details about our accommodation can be found here

For further information about our Sound Advice assessments please call us on 0115 942 1985 or you can email Rachel

The assessment and reports costs are subsidised by The Ear Foundation so that as many families as possible can benefit from the service.  Sometimes we can help obtain other sources of funding to help.  The true cost is not reflected in the price.  It would be lovely if you could organise some fundraising in your area to support the work of Sound Advice.  Our fundraiser, Jo Collinson, would love to hear from you via email or why not visit our "Support Us" page for some ideas.