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Sound Advice for Children


What parents have said they need:

The Sound Advice Assessment Centre was developed because parents requested help. They told us they wanted some joined up thinking about the best way to help their child; somewhere to go where they would have all the professionals together at the same time. They wanted time to observe assessments, be able to ask questions and not be rushed and so the multidisciplinary assessments were started. We assess hearing impaired children with a range of technologies including cochlear implants, Bone Anchored Hearing Implants and hearing aids.

Parents feedback:I wish I could have done this a long time ago. I have learnt so much about his levels of ability and what we need to do to help him.



Assessments take place at The Ear Foundation in Marjorie Sherman House which gives a relaxed family atmosphere. Parents often take advantage of the accommodation available the night before!


Working with Local Authorities and other agencies:

We are happy to work with Local Authorities and other agencies in order to benefit the child’s development. This can be as one off assessments or linked with therapy, consultation and training.


For more information contact  or phone 01159 421985.

Check out our Sound Advice for Children FLYER.pdf



The Sound Advice service is very kindly subsidised by Cochlear Europe. Visit their website by clicking on the logo below for more information on them.