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Adults not proceeding with bone conducting hearing implants

This study is looking at reasons why adults did not proceed with the bone conducting hearing implant (BCHI) pathway. It holds a particular focus on communication, information and other support provided in the decision-making process, and also captures views and experiences from those who did proceed with the BCHI pathway. Professionals have been asked about their method of practice, and adults are being asked why they did or did NOT continue, of which the latter may include concerns with surgery, low-perceived benefit, dexterity, cosmetic reasons, etc. 

This study is currently in progress, and we hope to share the results with you soon. 

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This study is supported by Oticon Medical and carried out with additional support from Action on Hearing Loss, NADP, Hearing Link, UK BAHA Forum, Shrewsbury & Telford Hospital, and our Ear Foundation Young Adults group.