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Teenz: 11-16 year olds

Teenagers need other teenagers and especially opportunities to meet up with others who are deaf whether they are wearing cochlear implants, hearing aids or bone anchored hearing systems.  At The Ear Foundation we have a full and varied programme which caters for the full range of Young People. 

  • Saturday social days are arranged every 2 months.  They are fun packed activities here at The Ear Foundation or we venture out on trips. 
  • Teenagers’ inset days run on a termly basis for those attending Nottingham and Derby secondary schools. 
  • Our 2 summer residential holidays run for a week each and cater for young people from near and far. 

Our programme is unique because it is led by experienced Speech and Language Therapists and Teachers of the Deaf.  The aims are for the teenagers to have an opportunity to:

  • meet other young deaf people and improve their perception of being deaf and wearing cochlear implants, hearing aids or bone anchored hearing systems.
  • grow in independence;
  • improve their communication skills;
  • develop friendships;
  • experience new and exciting activities

For 2017 we have split the Teenz group into two groups i.e. School Years 7-9 and School Years 10-13, as we want to arrange more targeted sessions by age groups; and friendships can grow more quickly in smaller groups, they will take place on the same date, but the groups will have different start and finish times.

2017 Dates

11 November: Chocolate Making

14 December: Pizza and Panto

To reserve a place or for further information about the Teenz groups please call/ text us on 07852 358 369 or you can email Rachel

2018 Dates

Saturday 27 January

Saturday 24 March

Saturday 12 May

Saturday 30 June

Sunday 22 to Saturday 28 July: European Friendship Week in Boston Spa, for teenagers aged between 11 and 16 years old.

Sunday 12 to Friday 17 August: Dukes Barn Outdoor Activity Residential for teenagers aged between 11 and 17 years old.

Saturday 6 October

Saturday 17 November

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