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Ready Steady Go: 2-5 year olds

Venue:         The Ear Foundation, 83 Sherwin Road, Lenton, Nottm, NG7 2FB

Time:           10:30am till 12:30pm followed by some lunch

Who For:     Deaf pre-schoolers, aged between 2 and 5 and their siblings

Interactive sessions for you and your pre-schooler around communication, music and listening skills.


Find out how to help your child's listening and talking in parent time, whilst the children play, create and make new friends in playtime, and then listen and sing together in group time.

2017 Dates

Saturday 8 April: Easter Eggs and Bunnies

Saturday 20 May: Superstars and Superheroes

Saturday 1 July: Sports Day

Saturday 9 August: Teddy Bear's Picnic

Saturday 23 September: Making Friends

Saturday 28 October: Halloween and Autumn Time

Saturday 9 December: Christmas Party

To reserve a place for any of the Ready Steady Go sessions, please contact Rachel Lightfoot or call/ text us on 07852 358 369.

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We had some great sessions in 2016...

January 2016: Fire Day!

Fire EngineThe fire fund kindly supported the Saturday Ready Steady Go session, so we thought it would be fun to theme the activities around fire fighters. Everyone got their own Fire fighters helmet to wear and we sang songs about being fire fighters.

We also played a listening game- listening out for different alarms and sirens- so the children could hear what a fire alarm sounded like, and listen to the differences between fire engines, ambulances and police cars.

We were then lucky enough to have a visit from the fire fighters themselves and a fire engine. Whilst the parents chatted about fire safety and equipment the children had an amazing time exploring the fire engine, looking at all the equipment and even climbing into the cab!

A big thank you to the Fire Fund for such a successful and exciting morning

March 2016: Teddy's Birthday Party

Birthday TeddyThe Ready steady go group were all in the party spirit for our session in March- where the topic for the day was “Teddy’s birthday party”

During the group session, the children played games with party hats, balloons and party poppers. Everyone sang Happy Birthday and we even had a little cake for teddy- obviously all the children helped him to blow out the candles!  The session focussed on using learning to listen sounds and remembering instructions- we all had a great time, especially Teddy!


April 2016: Weather and Looking at Radio Aids

WeatherOur Ready Steady Go session focussed on Radio Aids, we were joined by our Audiologist Sheetal Athalye who demonstrated how a Radio Aid works and how it can benefit your child at home, or at nursery. Everyone found this session really useful and gained a lot of knowledge on how the Radio Aid works!

During the group session the children learnt about weather, this was incorporated with singing and listening and looking at the different objects associated with different weather conditions, the children especially liked the rain, as they were squirted by Suzanne with her water spray!

May 2016: Superheroes and Superstars

SuperheroWe had a fantastic session on Superheroes and Superstars, everyone made so much effort with their costumes....we had a little Batwoman, a couple of spidermen, Hulk, a Knight and some princesses, who all looked amazing!  During the group session we did lots of singing and discovered what our superpowers were!  The children were asked to listen and then point to what the body part was they had just heard, everyone did so well with their listening skills and could even point to their elbow!  We explored inside the mystery animal bag and made lots of animal noises!  We finished the session off by handing out to everyone their Superhero certificate!


Sports Day

June 2016: Sports Day

The pre-school children attending Ready, Steady Go sessions had their annual sports day on Saturday 18th June.  The weather stayed dry, enabling us to stay outdoors! After the activities, we were visited by the ice cream man and everyone received a much deserved treat! 


Teddy PicnicAugust 2016: Teddy Bears Picnic

The pre-schoolers attended our Teddy Bears picnic with their teddy in hand to have a fun session singing, playing on the park and having lots of nibbles.  The sessions main focus was to help the children listen and interact to songs all related to their teddy bears, they did a brilliant job of remembering what they had just heard and repeating it back to Suzanne! We then ventured out to the park, where we hid some teddys around the park "teddy hide n seek", singing with the parachute, and having a picnic.  



September 2016: Making Friends

We had a great session where the focus was making friends, the pre-schoolers did some arts and crafts where they had to draw their face on a puzzle piece and then the faces were all connected at the end to make a friendship puzzle.  The parents received some practical and useful advice from Suzanne (SLT) during parent time.  Then we all met up at the end of the session to sing some songs all centred around friendships.

RSG XmasNovember 2016: Christmas Party

We had a great time at our annual Christmas Party, there were loads of christmas crafts for the pre-schoolers to get creative with and we were even joined by a very special guest.....santa!  The pre-schoolers were very excited to meet santa and get a little present.


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Family Programme on the Road

We are offering group sessions for parents who have a deaf baby or pre-schooler around the UK who are unable to attend our RSG Carsessions in Nottingham.  If you feel that you would benefit from having our Specialist Speech and Language Therapist come to you to do a group session with other local families...then why not book 'The Family Programme Hits the Road'

Please contact Suzanne Harrigan or call 0115 942 1985