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LEAPing on with Language

LEAPing on with Language is a great resource for parents and classroom teachers. This resource provides practical strategies to accelerate your child's spoken language learning. cochlearweb.jpg

LEAPing On with Language provides practical strategies that aim to accelerate your child’s spoken language learning beyond simple sentences to more complex and abstract language, while considering how these skills can then be used to develop communicative independence and self-esteem.
leaping 1.jpgThis programme has been written for parents of children who are deaf or hard of hearing, who are wanting to develop their child’s spoken language. 
LEAPing On with Language would also be a useful resource for professionals working with families or in school settings. 
You can view the LEAPing on with Language content here on Cochlear's website, just click on the title and you will be taken to the page: LEAPing on with Language 
We have a training package for parents and professionals to introduce you to this tool. For more information please contact Clare
Clare Allen recently delivered the LEAPing on with Language package to some parents and professionals in Ireland, who gave some great feedback to the training:
LEAPing Parent Workshop:
"I would love an assessment of my child to establish where we go, this would give the starting point in implementing the philosophy" 
"It's brilliant, very practical, lots of ideas on how to develop opportunities to develop language, conversations and self esteem through incidental learning, everyday life.  Super course, very appropriate for all parens and children"
LEAPing Professional Workshop:
"It is worth the time to come on this course"
"Enjoyable, very well paced day, full of information and ideas you really really need to know about.  Wonderful wonderful, I have learned so much - thank you"
"Very informative workshop, very beneficial, great if all members of support team working with children could attend and work in small groups together for their specific child"
"Best learning day I've had for a long time"
"Can't wait to get back to work to start using the programme and sharing it with parents!
This Project is supported by a Cochlear Education Grant
Clare Allen
Speech & Language Therapist
Msc. Dip ACS (Deaf) Reg. 
Suzanne Harrigan, 
Diana Harbor, Jackie Salter, 
Sue Archbold, Rachel England
Andrew Kendrick