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LEAPing: 5-11 year olds

Our primary aged children are growing in their independence and making new friends. The LEAPing Saturday sessions are designed to be fun with an underlying 

LEAPingcommunication or learning theme. They are delivered by Speech and Language Therapists and Teachers of the Deaf. 

Each session is designed to help the children

  • Develop confident communication skills, away from parents/carers and school teachers
  • Extend their friendships and find a peer group of other deaf children
  • Improve their self confidence 

Parents leave their children and can stay in our Marjorie Sherman House and chat together over a coffee or they can sign a consent form and leave the site. All parents return to The Ear Foundation once the session has finished and one of the session leaders comes over to explain the underlying learning points of the session which are summarised in a handout. So the children have lots of fun and they don't even know they are learning and developing their language skills.

For 2017 we have decided to split the LEAPing session into two groups i.e. School Years 1 to 3 and then School Years 4 to 6, as we want to arrange more targeted sessions by age group and friendships can grow more quickly in smaller groups.  They will take place on the same date, but the times for each of the groups will be different.

2017 Dates:

21-23 April: Dukes Barn Easter Residential for School Years 4-8 (you can download our Dukes Barn Weekend Away Information Pack 2017 for all the details, and includes the booking form)

6 May: Multi Sports Festival at the Forest Recreation Ground, 10am till 2pm, Fun intercative ball skill games.  Please bring a packed lunch.

24 June: TBC

9 September: TBC

10 November: TBC

If you would like to reserve a place or would like further information please call/ text us on 07852 358 369 or you can email Rachel

We had some fantastic LEAPing sessions in 2016....

January 2016: Spy School

Spy SchoolThere was a strong group of 25 of the country’s top future spies at The Ear Foundation on January 23rd 2016.  They came together for Spy School - an intensive and fun Saturday designed to hone their spy skills and develop their spy knowledge. 

Each spy came dressed in black and white with their trademark spy gear which include black glasses and black hats.  The day’s schedule included:

·        Spies are good at remembering

·        Spies are good at listening to clues and working things out

·        Spies are good at asking questions and finding out information

·        Spies are great at using their gadgets and have amazing technology: Our spies had the best listening technology and some of us even practised using it on the telephone. 

To say they had a great time is an understatement.  It was fun, it was active and our spies didn’t even know how much they were learning and how many fab skills they were developing.  

March 2016: Tennis DayTennis Day

A longer session at the Nottingham Tennis centre.  25 of us enjoyed learning some basic tennis skills and playing some games.  We focussed upon the skills needed to play with others.  These included calling our name for the ball, how to encourage others and what to say when a shot might not have been its best. How to win graciously and to loose with dignity.  The etiquette of playing in a sports team, shaking hands and leading or joining in with ‘3 cheers’.  There were a lot of us and so we ran 3 groups by age.  It encouraged lots of us to enjoy more tennis and 7 families used the free entry voucher for the next deaf tennis session run by Nottingham City Council Disability Sport.  Its something we’d like to repeat again in the future but there are so many of us we will need more space and more courts! 

Thank you to Nottingham City Council Disability Sport and to Activeace for leading this event

TwinlakesJune 2016: Trip to Twinlakes

What a fantastic day we all had at Twinlakes all action theme park and the weather was on our side as well!  It was a true delight to see the primary aged children venture off onto the coach for their first day trip with the LEAPing group, the confidence has grown immensely and it was lovely to see the little friendship groups they have made.  We explored the whole of the theme park, venturing down slides, playing in the giant soft play area, going on the buffalo rollercoaster and the pirate ship, there was something for everyone.  We have had some great feedback from the parents too, who were extremely proud to see their child have the confidence to partake in the trip!  We would like to say a BIG thank you to all our volunteers who helped on the day, as it would not of been possible without them! And another BIG thank you to the J N Derbyshire Trust for funding the trip....lets start planning the next one!

November 2016: Christmas Party

We had a great time getting in the festive spirit at our annual LEAPing Christmas Party, there were lots of Christmas crafts for the children to get creative with, party games and festive treats for everyone to enjoy!

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