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Glue Ear: Minimal Hearing Loss Can Have Major Impact


November 3, 2017

Time09.30 to 16.00
Duration1 day
VenueThe Ear Foundation, Nottingham, UK
TicketsStandard Professional : £100.00
Parent : £50.00
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5 facts on otitis media in children (glue ear)

  • 80% of children will be affected by glue ear before they reach 10 years.
  • When glue ear doesn’t resolve itself on its own, it may interfere with speech and language development, confidence, social skills, or performance at school.
  • Treatment varies widely, within the UK and around the world
  • Parents often feel frustrated and without support
  • Otitis media rates are much higher for children with down syndrome

For parents, and professionals in health and education: a new one day conference on glue ear and minimal hearing loss. A multi-professional day, we’ll be joined by experts in the field looking at how to manage children with otitis media. Along with current research, we’ll learn from families personal experiences including those of children with developmental challenges and permanent hearing loss. Professionals and families want happy, healthy children who achieve their potential. With many practical tips and resources, leave this conference confident to support children with glue ear.


  • Describe otitis media, options for management and current best practice 
  • Discuss the impact of minimal hearing loss on learning, language and families
  • Recall the impact of ‘glue ear plus’ for children with permanent hearing loss and development challenges such as down syndrome


  • List 5 ways to support a child with recurrent otitis media


  • Compare care pathways for otitis media and reflect on your service/experience


  • Write 3 actions to put into practice, short, medium and long term 


Download the programme here Programme.pdf

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