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Play – the Carol Westby way


July 12, 2017

Time09.30 to 16.00
Duration1 day
VenueThe Ear Foundation, Nottingham
TicketsStandard Professional : £85.00

Carol Westby has been synonymous with play for years and many university courses have been based on her play scale. We’re thrilled to welcome her back to the UK for this very special event.

Often children with speech, language and communication difficulties are delayed in their play. Parent’s and professionals find them difficult to engage in meaningful activities on which to base their language learning.

Join Carol Westby to learn about typical play development, way s to use play to measure outcomes and set appropriate goals. We’ll consider how important play is for building confidence and self-esteem along with practical ideas for supporting parents to become more playful.

Course suitable for anyone supporting young children with developmental challenges such as hearing loss, language delay or physical disabilities. 


Learning Objectives

  • Recall the typical development of play (birth to six)
  • Review assessment tools
  • Formulate goals for play development
  • Recognise why play is important for social and emotional development
  • Formulate ideas for parents to become playful


  • Why play has been disappearing
  • Play foundations
  • The values of play for development
  • Recognizing children’s temperament
  • Using language strategies to promote development in play
  • Play development in infants and toddlers
  • Social-emotional/cognitive development underlying play in infants/toddlers
  • Strategies for promoting play with infants and toddlers
  • Play development in children from 2 to 9 years
  • How pretend play promotes social skills, self-regulation, and reading comprehension
  • Developmental dimensions and stages in play develop from 2 to 6 years
  • Setting play and language goals
  • Working with children with play problems

Read more about Carol's background and her work in Theory of Mind and Language - Literacy relationships here: Carol Westby BIOG.pdf (1).pdf

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