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Developing Imaginative Play


March 14, 2017

Time09.30 to 16.00
Duration1 day
VenueThe Ear Foundation, Nottingham, UK
TicketsStandard Professional : £85.00
Parent : £40.00

Children problem solve and see other people’s perspectives through playing ‘schools’ or ‘mums and dads’. In such activities, even very young children use their imaginations to contemplate different possibilities.

When we reflect and problem solve, we use our imaginations to think things through. This uniquely human ability enables us to imagine different outcomes. We act in the way we think is best, or learn from past experience to change our behaviour next time.  The development of these complex skills begins in infanthood.

Often, children with communication difficulties are delayed in the development of symbolic and imaginative play in addition to language. Attend this workshop to learn about the normal development sequence and useful assessments. We’ll focus on lots of practical ideas so you can support children to develop these skills for better long term outcomes. 

Learning Outcomes

·         Know how the development of imaginative play supports language skills

·         Recognise the importance of pretending and imagining for lifelong success

·         Describe the normal developmental sequence for children’s imaginative play

·         Compare and contrast play assessments for children with communication difficulties

·         Formulate 3 appropriate activities for a child you support 

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