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CONFERENCE: Young users of hearing technology: building resilience and self-esteem

Healthy self-esteem is like a child's armour against the challenges of the world. Children who feel good about themselves are better at handling life events and resist negative pressures. We can’t always protect children from the pressures of life. But we ca... Read more >

May 8, 2015

Complex language development for children with hearing loss

Are we limiting children’s language by the language we use? “Amy uses simple sentences; she can talk about what she’s done and what she wants. But she is really struggling to keep up in class” This course will look at how you develop complex ... Read more >

May 13, 2015

Audiological Counselling in a Target Driven Era: Balancing “Heart” with Efficiency

Mon 18 May  (day one) and Mon 29 June  (day two) Cost includes two full day courses, six weeks supported study time and all materials Audiologists are feeling the strain: every minute spent on “tickbox-management” means a minute lost to patient... Read more >

May 18, 2015

Children with Cochlear Implants at Secondary School

Working with teenagers who use hearing technologies is an exciting and rewarding challenge. We will begin by exploring the current research in this unique population, exploring  what our expectations should be and what areas we may need to focus on. These young p... Read more >

May 19, 2015

LEAPing on with Language for Professionals

The course is now FULL The LEAPing on with Language web based programme provides practical strategies that aim to accelerate a deaf child's spoken language, learning beyond simple sentences to more complex abstract language. The skills are then used to develop c... Read more >

May 19, 2015

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