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Deaf Children in the Early Years for Teaching Assistants

Many children with hearing loss will have learnt to listen and speak, at home and with their family. The Teaching Assistant has a vital role if the child is to continue learning language in the much more challenging environment of an early years setting. Learn about t... Read more >

January 21, 2015

Radio Aids and wireless technology workshop: understanding the potential and building confidence

Radio aids, FM systems, streamers, blue tooth...just some of the wireless technology options now available to use with cochlear implants and hearing aids. Keeping up with the differences  and practical applications of this exciting technology can be daunting. Thi... Read more >

February 3, 2015

Sound to Words: following babies with implants in the first year

This course will follow the development of a three babies, all born profoundly deaf and implanted around their first birthday.  We will follow their development and consider the techniques and strategies their parents used to accelerate spoken language developmen... Read more >

February 6, 2015

Home Supporting – leave the bag of toys in the car!

Suitable for: Teachers of the Deaf, Speech and Language Therapists and other Early Years professionals Working within the home provides a unique opportunity to support parents to develop language during everyday routines with their child.  We will address the c... Read more >

February 10, 2015

Building vocabulary in the primary years: When? Why? How?

Vocabulary is at the heart of learning a language, of accessing the curriculum and feeling part of the social life of school. An understanding of where the gaps may lie and what type of vocabulary to encourage is an important part of the support we need to provide to ... Read more >

February 24, 2015

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