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Working with Deaf Children for Teaching Assistants

Course Full INSET day? Treat your TAs to the perfect training. Working with Deaf Children for Teaching Assistants Know about the latest hearing technology: Cochlear Implants, hearings aids, BAHA and other hearing technologies Describe the limitations of u... Read more >

September 1, 2015

Supporting People with Cochlear Implants for Communication Support Workers

During this one day workshop we will look at how to support cochlear implant  users in the learning environment.  You will discover how cochlear implants work and the impact they may have on individuals and their learning. We will look at how Communication... Read more >

September 25, 2015

Babies & Toddlers with Cochlear Implants: A Sound Start

More and more children are receiving implants in the first year of life. This day will explore the assessment and management issues for teachers and therapists when supporting deaf babies and toddlers with cochlear implants and their families. It will also explore mod... Read more >

September 29, 2015

Complex Children with Cochlear Implants for Teaching Assistants

“Maryam is a Teaching Assistant who works in a special school. Many of the children are thought to have a hearing loss and one, Jessica has recently been fitted with hearing aids but she doesn’t seem to respond to sound.  Jessica has severe learning d... Read more >

October 8, 2015

CMV Cytomegalovirus

Congenital Cytomegalovirus (CMV) is suspected to cause up to 30% of hearing losses in children. Many of these children will have shown no symptoms of CMV infection at birth, whilst a minority will have been very poorly and have severe and complex needs. The effects ... Read more >

October 9, 2015

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