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Babies & Toddlers with Cochlear Implants: A Sound Start

More and more children are receiving implants in the first year of life. This day will explore the assessment and management issues for teachers and therapists when supporting deaf babies and toddlers with cochlear implants and their families. It will also explore mod... Read more >

September 30, 2014

Children with Cochlear Implants: Slow to Progress

Although the outcomes for cochlear implantation in terms of speech perception, production and spoken language development have surpassed expectations, there are significant numbers of children who do not do as well as expected. Research indicates that up to 40% of the... Read more >

October 1, 2014

Home Supporting – leave the bag of toys in the car!

Suitable for: Teachers of the Deaf, Speech and Language Therapists and other Early Years professionals Working within the home provides a unique opportunity to support parents to develop language during everyday routines with their child.  We will address the c... Read more >

October 3, 2014

Adult Deafness 2014 - The Real Cost of Hearing Loss: Can we afford to ignore it? (LONDON)

With a growing aging population, expecting to work longer and live full lives, communication becomes ever more important. Hearing loss affects a significant proportion of the adult population, but is linked with isolation, depression, dementia and higher unemployme... Read more >

October 14, 2014

Speech Acoustics: Plain English

Good speech production is an achievable goal for many hearing impaired children but we need to know that their technology, hearing aids or cochlear implants, is giving them good access to the speech frequencies. This course will look at developing your understanding... Read more >

October 15, 2014

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