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Hearing Loss in Healthcare: Challenges & Solutions

Every day millions of people struggle unnecessarily to hear and miss vital information about their health care.  This course will provide you with a better deaf-awareness.jpgunderstanding of hearing loss, how it challenges communication and the practical strategies you can adopt for effective communication.

Patients First and Foremost (03/2013) is the government’s response to the Francis report; it devotes a chapter to ensuring staff are trained and motivated.   With hearing loss effecting 1 in 6 people, putting patients first can only be achieved if health professionals are trained in deaf awareness and effective communication skills for their workplace. 

  • Understand how people hear and what having a hearing loss means in real life
  • Identify how hearing loss challenges communication and develop effective strategies for communicating health information
  • Learn about the latest hearing technology available on the NHS and how this can help

Jo is a nurse on an elderly care ward



Rob is a physiotherapist who has been     working in rehab for many years 





Devised and delivered by health professionals for health professionals, the highly skilled trainers are able to adapt the day to meet the needs of those working in the following KSF:

Communication: All Levels

Reduce barriers and communicate with people in a form and manner that is appropriate and effective.  Take action to improve communication in your environment.


Health, Safety & Security:

Level 2 & 3

Identify and assess risks in your role and workplace for someone with hearing loss; plan actions that will improve health, safety and security


Service Improvements:

Level 1, 2, 3

Improve your own work and environment; support others to understand why improvements are being made


Equality and Diversity: All Levels

Recognise that people with hearing loss are different; evaluate how your workplace supports this diversity and promotes good practice.


Health & Wellbeing:  HWB1

Level 1

Identify the affects of hearing loss on health and wellbeing; promote practice to prevent adverse effects. 


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