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Further Learning Modules

HOPE is Cochlear’s (re)habilitation resources and includes a library of free online lectures on a wide variety of topics related to hearing:

Course #12708
Early Intervention Assessment: Pre-Speech and Language and Beyond (Professionals)

This talk will review current assessment tools available for determining auditory, speech and language skills for children under three years of age. It will also review a criterion referenced assessment tool that may be used to assess pre-speech and language readiness skills and current speech and language skills in these young children.

Course #7177
Assessment for the Child with a Cochlear Implant (HOPE)

This presentation will describe instruments used by Implant Centers in the areas of speech perception, and speech and language development. Case study examples will illustrate the nature of information reported by Center assessments. Recommendations for the type of evaluation tools that might be more appropriate in educational settings and that may more directly inform habilitation will also be provided.