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Sharpening your Non-Professional Counselling Skills

Course suitable for:                            

All professionals who work with deaf people and who have attended an Introduction to non Professional Counseling Skills course

Outside speakers/collaboration:       

Dr David Luterman and Dr Kris English for their resources


Course Description:

A one-day workshop for those who have been on the Introduction to Non professional counseling course or who have some experience of counseling, and wish to extend their counseling skills in practical sessions.


Learning Objectives:

  • To recognise the differences between professional and non professional counseling
  • To review the characteristics of non professional counseling
  • To understand the skills needed to engage in "deep listening" when talking to children, adults or family members
  • To practice deep listening skills in small groups
  • To experience the effect and impact of being part of a counseling conversation
  • To gain insights from parents through DVD based materials
  • To reflect upon current practice and consider how it could be changed by using non professional counseling techniques 

Linked TEF Resources: 

Luterman Lore DVD, Parent to Parent DVD and Kristina English DVD. 


Twilight Lectures:

  • David Luterman "Counseling families in a technological era
  • Kristina English "Audiologic counseling or using the third ear"
  • Kristina English "Can I wear hearing aids while I sleep? : Audiologic Counseling, or when NOT to answer a question" - 2nd June 2009