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Non Professional Counseling Skills: An Introduction

Course suitable for:

All professionals who work with deaf people and their families.

Outside speakers/collaboration:

Dr. David Luterman and Dr. Kristina English for their resources.


Course Description:


Are you called upon to use non-professional counseling skills in your work with deaf children, young people, adults and their families? Do you feel equipped to handle these challenging situations? We will explore the skills and strengths needed for non professional counseling using resources developed with The Ear Foundation by some of the leading experts in the field.


Learning Objectives: 

  • To understand the issues faced by hearing professionals in their current practice
  • To explore and reflect upon the impact of deafness on individuals and famiies
  • To analyze approaches to non professional counseling and the relationship between the professional ad child, adult or family
  • To understand the difference between professional and non professional counselling
  • To reflect upon and possibly change or finely tune your current practice
  • To generate ideas on how to apply principles of non professional counselling to these everyday situations


Linked TEF Resources: 

Luterman Lore DVD, Parent to Parent DVD and Kristina English DVD


Twilight Lectures:

  • David Luterman "Counseling families in a technological era"
  • Kristina English "Audiologic counselling or using the third ear"
  • Kristina English "Can I wear hearing aids while I sleep?: Audiologic Counseling, or when NOT to answer a question" - 2nd June 2009
  • Debbie Featherstone - working with groups in a clinical setting